Key Yahoo!7 AFL Football Fantasy 2011 Season Dates:

  • March 24, 2011 (Round 1);
  • - AFL Regular Season begins - Carlton v Richmond;
    - League Head-to-Head begins;

  • April 15 to May 1, 2011 (Rounds 4 to 6)
  • - non League Head-to-Head rounds (league 'byes');

  • July 8 to July 10 (Round 16);
  • - non League Head-to-Head round (league 'bye');

  • July 29 to July 31 (Round 19);
  • - non League Head-to-Head round (league 'bye');

  • August 12, 2011 (Round 21);
  • - League Finals begin;

IMPORTANT - 2011 Rule Changes

Several changes have been made to the game format of the 2011 Yahoo!7 AFL Football Fantasy competition that may impact on the way you coach your team, to account for the introduction of the 17th team and the changes in the AFL Fixture. These include:

  • Squad sizes have been increased from 30 to 33 players, with an extra defender, midfielder and forward on the bench - to allow for more flexibility when players are not available due to a bye.

  • Four additional trades, for a total of 24 for the season (maximum of 2 per week remains unchanged).

  • Leagues head-to-head competition begins in Round 1 - you'll play over 15 rounds, with the 5 rounds where three AFL clubs have a bye (Round 4, 5, 6, 16 and 19) also being 'bye' rounds in your leagues (no head-to-head match ups). Your team continues to play and score as usual in the general comp over those 5 rounds. Finals series follow during Rounds 21-24.

Play in up to 5 head-to-head leagues

You can now create or join up to 5 different head-to-head leagues of 16 with your single entry. Plus even more ways to compete with mates, by linking your Facebook account and playing in an unlimited league exclusively with your Facebook contacts.

Brand new interface

Not only have we given everything a fresh new look and feel, but the refreshed interface provides a whole host of features and functionality, quicker and better ways to do your research, manage your team, look up various rankings and performance charts and much more. The all-new score panel gives you quick access to all your team management details, all the vital scores and stats, and quick access to League results and all of your leagues. Login and explore the all-new 2011 Yahoo!7 AFL Football Fantasy now.

The all-new Match Centre

We've re-created and streamlined the dedicated end-of-match scoring updates. Called 'Match Centre', it will now be easily accessible with even more stats and data, with match progress, end-of-game head-to-head scoring against league opponents, end-of-match scores for all of the league match-ups and more. The page will be automatically loaded on login while a round is under way and a lockout is in effect. It'll also be available right through the week, when coaches will be able to access it and get vital data on their next opponent, such as graphed previous scoring comparisons between their teams' scoring and performance.

Connect with Facebook, create your own Facebook league, share everything

Connect your Facebook account with your Yahoo!7 AFL Football Fantasy registration. Once you've linked your account, on your Leagues page, Yahoo!7 AFL Football Fantasy will provide you with your very own, unlimited size Facebook League! Compete against any and all of your Facebook contacts who play Yahoo!7 AFL Football Fantasy, or invite them to Yahoo!7 AFL Football Fantasy, your Facebook League, or even into one of your five head-to-head leagues instantly with a quick post to their Facebook wall.

Plus, share all your successes on Facebook and/or Twitter. Post your current weekly or season scores and rankings, your latest league wins, trade pick-ups and much more.

Injuries & Suspensions data

Starting from Round 1 you'll be able to see who is injured and suspended right on your team management page, and throughout Yahoo!7 AFL Football Fantasy - updated regularly. Manage your team more effectively!

Coaches Box on every page

In addition to providing you with links to essential tools right through the season, the all-new permanent status bar at the bottom of your browser window now gets you instant access to the Coaches Boxes for ALL of your leagues - from anywhere on the site. See who's online at any time, how many messages have been posted since your last visit, respond and chat live.

Instant trade-in of players

Viewing the all-new profile page for a desired player? Thinking of trading him into your team? The Instant Trade panel on each player profile page will present you with all of the eligible players on your team that you can instantly trade out for your new recruit. Complete the entire trade immediately.