Summary - Stats Centre:

  • The comprehensive Yahoo!7 AFL Football Fantasy Stats Centre provides you with all of the afl player information you'll need to make informed trades and selections;

  • View and sort player rankings by past performances, team, positions and more. View Season-to-date or any previous round's stats;

  • Check out the Market Watch for an up-to-date list of the most popular and most improved players, as well as those who've dropped in form.

Stats Centre f.a.q.

Q. Can I view the highest-scoring players from a certain team or in a certain position? Can I see who scored highest in the last round only? A. You can sort the players by team, position and scores up to any previously completed round, from the drop-down menus near the top of the Stats Centre page. This will display players sorted by their Season-to-date scoring. Simply click on the 'round totals' tab to re-sort the players by their last round score only, in your selected grouping.

All the stats

The Yahoo!7 AFL Football Fantasy Stats Centre offers several comprehensive features and facilities that will help you with your initial team selection, as well as further substitution and drafting decisions throughout the competition. Some of these features include:

Player rankings

Comprehensive and sortable lists of player stats, data and additional information. You can view player stats up to any round of the competition, check out their weekly scoring, and sorting by their club or position. These options are available right across the Stats Centre section.

You can view summarised, standard player rankings, or click on "Stats view" for a comprehensive, sortable list of all stats and fantasy scores used in the competition for each player. You may add any player to your "watchlist" and keep an eye on their performance direct from your team page.

Player research

Comprehensive in-game statistics summary and graphs for every player in the Yahoo!7 AFL Football Fantasy, round-by-round. Click on a player's name from anywhere on the web site, or use our extensive player search facility to view detailed stats for any player.

Market Watch

Market Watch provides a top 20 players listing of the most popular players, as selected by all participants in the Yahoo!7 AFL Football Fantasy game. You will also find a list of the most improved players in the competition, as well as those going through a scoring form slump. You can view the Market Watch lists sorted for the Season-to-date, or the last team only.